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‘People think District Level Elections have been cancelled’- aspirant


An aspirant in the upcoming District Level Elections says most electorates in the Kpone-Katamanso Municipality think the elections have been cancelled alongside the abortive referendum.

An aspirant for the Saki-Nmlitsakpo Electoral Area,Mr Isaac Newton Tetteh, blamed the situation on the lack of intensive sensitisation programmes on the assembly members and unit committees election on the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE).

Mr Tetteh in an interview with the Ghana News Agency noted that most residents he visited during his campaign, expressed shock that the election would be held on December 17,2019.

He said, “It seems that ever since the President made a request to the Electoral Commission to terminated the referendum, the NCCE had also gone to sleep especially in the Kpone-Katamanso Municipality. We don’t hear them organizing sensitisation programmes or announcements from information vans.”

He therefore called on the NCCE to use the remaining hours to the election to step up their education and whip up the people’s interest in local governance.

He expressed disappointment at the manner Ghanaians showed apathy towards local government reminding the public that assembly elections must rather be taken with all seriousness as the development of  localities was linked to vibrant and accountable  Assemblies.

He stressed that “our poor attitude towards local governance is the reason why we remain the way we are. If we continue like this, it is only the rich and the opportunist who will end up at the Assemblies instead of people who truly believe in the hopes and aspirations of the people.”

Mr Tetteh, who is a journalist and a two term unit committee member of his area, said he was ready to lobby the Assembly and other stakeholders to bring the needed development to the area when voted as Assembly member.

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