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PNP vows to abolish free market economy, introduce price controls

PNP vows

By Jeremiah Nutsugah

The People’s National Party (PNP), a new political party formed by executives who broke away from the People’s National Convention (PNC), has announced plans to abolish the current free market economy and introduce stringent price controls.

The PNP stands on a new political ideology that seeks to build a democracy on the rich Ghanaian family and community balance.

After securing their provisional Certificate from the Electoral Commission, they outlined their party’s ideologies and goals today June 18, 2024, in a press conference at the PNP headquarters.

In outlining the party’s ideologies, the General Secretary of The People’s National Party, Sulemana Seidu, believe that essential goods and services should be affordable and accessible to all Ghanaians,

“Our approach will ensure that prices are regulated in a way that balances the needs of businesses with the welfare of consumers.” By implementing these price controls, the party aims to stabilize the economy, curb inflation, and protect citizens from predatory practices.

He explained that the PNP’s communitarian political philosophy prioritizes family and community as the focus of public policy, departing from the two dominant ideologies.

“This approach recognizes families and communities as natural agents of development in Africa and seeks to drive national development through deliberate focus on them”.

Seidu emphasized that the country needs a political tradition that resonates with the people, serving as a rallying point for development.

“We believe that by controlling prices, ensuring fair economic practices, and fostering accountability, we can build a more equitable and prosperous nation,” he concluded.

Also speaking was the leader of the party Ms. Janet Nabla who stated the provisional certificate gives them the opportunity to be able to organize a party, allows Ghanaians to know that there is a party like PNP, and also go ahead to give them their provisional executives, national and regional class constituencies, and then also to get founding members.

“The PNP is going to contest in this year’s election and we are not just going to contest, we are going to win and When people will think that it is going to be strange, but we are telling Ghanaians that the PNP, we are on point and we are going to take over the realms of this country”. Ghanaians are looking for a change.

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