Political Scientist calls for a NO vote in the upcoming referendum


A Political Scientist and one time Assembly Member for Nyame Bekyere electoral area in the Berekum Municipality, Francis Manu-Gyan, has joined those calling for  NO vote in the upcoming referendum, stating that, it is the best way to go.

According to him voting “Yes” will not be in the interest of the country, as allowing party politics at the grassroots level of the governance structure, would only worsen the already polarized structure.

On the contrary he said a No vote will sustain and further strengthen the communal spirit which is key in local level governance.       

The Electoral Commission (EC) has scheduled December 17, 2019, to conduct elections at the District level and also to hold a referendum for Ghanaians to vote on whether to amend or not, Clause 3 of Article 55 of the 1992 Constitution to allow for Political Parties  to sponsor candidates in district level elections. Ghanaians are divided over the issue with the ruling New Patriotic Party pushing for a YES vote.

On the other side of the divide is the “No” campaigners with the main opposition National Democratic Congress, (NDC), party at the forefront.

Adding his voice to the raging debate Francis Manu-Gyan believes a lot more can be done in terms of education and sensitization on the exercise adding that awareness creation on the issue so far has not been the best.

“Education and sensitization have not been done enough for people to appreciate the very reasons why we are going in for this referendum. If you take a particular action it is very important to let the people who are going to be affected by that action have a firm grasp of the issues so that the can take informed decisions based on the knowledge available to them unfortunately this has not been done”

He expressed his disappointment at the Electoral Commission, NCCE and government Officials for taking sides in the whole process describing it as unfair and unconstitutional.

“It is very strange that the very people who are proposing for us to decide have already taken a position, that to me is not fair and it is not in line with the spirit of our 1992 constitution which invest the sovereign power in the good people of Ghana to decide on everything that concerns them given the right education, the sensitization and the enlightenment required.”

Mr. Manu-Gyan expressed worry that the political landscape in the country which is already polarized will worsen if partisan politics is introduced into local governance. He said it will be disastrous to allow the acrimonious nature of our politics trickle down to the local level.

He consequently urged the Electorate to vote No in order to stop the divisive nature of our politics at the National level from creeping into the grassroots level.

Story filed by Lawrence Manu- Gyan 

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