Supreme court adjourns to tomorrow ongoing election petition case

Supreme Court
The Supreme Court of Ghana.

Counsel for the Petitioner in the Ongoing Election Petition, Tsatsu Tsikata, says for the truth surrounding interaction on the 9th of December between witnesses of Petitioner and First Respondent to prevail, it is crucial for the first respondent to testify.

Mr. Tsikata who sounded biblical in a motion at the apex court to reopen the Petitioner’s Case at having a Subpoena served on the EC Chairperson, was convinced such a testimony to the truth by the EC Chairperson Jean Mensah, would honour God.

Witnesses of the petitioner have testified the EC chairperson had sent them to deliver a message to petitioner and flagbearer of the NDC John Mahama before the declaration of results, but the results were announced before they could.

For Mr. Tsikata unraveling the truth surrounding this matter would be paramount. Council for the petitioner also described as startling a paragraph of an affidavit in opposition which states the first respondent is a party and consequently disqualified to testify. Mr. Tsikata provided sections of the Evidence Act which states otherwise.

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