Supreme Court discharges Dr. Dominic Ayine over contemptuous comments in 2020 election petition hearing


A former Deputy Attorney General and member of the legal team of the Petitioner, John Dramani Mahama in the 2020 Election Petition at the Supreme Court, Dr Dominic Ayine has been discharged of contempt after showing remorse and rendering an unqualified apology to the Supreme Court for his scandalous comments.

The Court said it is satisfied with his apology.

Last Monday, the court directed Dr. Ayine to purge himself of contempt by apologising and retracting his unsavoury comments against the bench after which it will proceed to strike out the contempt proceedings against him.

After the election petition hearing on February 16, Dr Ayine in a press briefing alleged that the Supreme Court had a predetermined agenda after it refused an application by the Petitioner to reopen his case.

Counsel for Dr Ayine, Frank Beechem was grateful to the court for accepting the apology and discharging his client.

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