Supreme Court to hear another review application today


The Supreme Court will today hear another review application of the Petitioner, John Dramani Mahama to reopen his case in the ongoing 2020 Election Petition.

On February 16, the Court unanimously dismissed the Petitioner’s application to have his case reopened for a subpoena to be issued and directed at the Electoral Commission Chairperson,Mrs, Jean Mensa,to be cross-examined.

The seven-member panel held that the Petitioner had not given any inkling of fresh evidence he is bringing through the EC Chairperson.It further said the Petitioner had also not disclosed how that evidence would advance the cause of his Petition.

The Petitioner, Mr. Mahama is in court to challenge the validity of the EC chair in declaring President Akufo Addo winner of the 2020 Presidential election.

He also accused the EC of vote padding but that assertion had been denied by the EC.

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