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Reintroduce Physical Education into school’s curricular- Deputy Education Minister

Reintroduce Physical Education into school's curricular- Deputy Education Minister
Deputy Education Minister, Rev.Ntim Fordjuuor

By: Jennifer Frimpong Wiredu

Deputy Minister of Education, Rev. John Ntim Fordjour has advocated the re-introduction of physical education into school’s curriculum.

He stated that physical education is a key element in transferring knowledge and enhancement of the well-being of pupils. Rev. Fordjuor said this at the launch of International Day of Play. It was in collaboration with the Right to Play (RTP), a child centered NGO.

“We are playing to call back play in school, in the classroom and out door activity. This will support and promote the curriculum  implementation. Right to play will see to it that, all teachers in the world use play base learning and this is going to help every child.’’

The Deputy Minister for Education, Rev. John Ntim Fordjour said the international day for play has come to stay in the education system and the ministry will continue to train teachers towards using play to harness the potential of pupils.

Right to play is a global organization that protects, educates and empowers children to rise above adversity through the power to play. A day for play is a step towards a world where every child thrives and reaches their full potential. The United Nations, has adopted June 11 as an International Day of Play. The theme day is “The Role of play in educational transformation, community development initiatives and holistic development of children”. During the launch, Country Director of the Right to play, Josephine Mukakalisa stressed the importance of the theme.

“Since we introduced the play base learning into our curriculum, we have seen many of our teachers trained and we have seen learning outcome improving, the reading capacity of our learners improving, their numeracy level are improving  we observe the role that play has on education. It has come to save our education system. We will continue to train many more teachers to bring joy and excitement into the learning experience and by so doing we improve on our learning outcomes.”

The Ministry of Education and Right to play have therefore cemented their relationship by pledging their commitment towards the enhancement of the welfare of children using the right tools of play to help in their education.

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