Flashback: Unpermitted promotional materials plastered on the Mallam Interchange

Metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDAs) in the Greater Accra Region have issued a 14-day ultimatum to people who post posters and banners around the city illegally to take the posters down or face prosecution.

Churches, advertisers, filmmakers, educational institutions and members of the public who hoist banners and posters have also been advised against carrying out such acts, particularly on ceremonial streets, including the John Evans Atta Mills High Street, the George Bush Highway (N1 Highway), the Obasanjo Way, the Liberation Road, the Independence Avenue, the three Ring Roads, the Castle Road and their surrounding areas.

The move by the MMDAs is part of efforts to fulfil the call by the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa.

The Public Relations Officer of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Mr Gilbert Ankrah, told the Daily Graphic in an interview that the ultimatum, which was issued last Thursday, was yielding results, as the AMA’s monitoring exercises had shown some compliance.

However, he explained that some posters and banners remained hoisted in some parts of Accra, saying that the culprits would be dealt with according to the’s AMA bye-laws (2017) on cleaning.

The provision prohibits “a person from affixing bills or posters for advertisement on any wall, road sign, tree or fixtures other than on spaces specifically provided or approved by the assembly for that purpose, or on property owned or occupied by that person”.


Checks by the Daily Graphic on the N1 Highway showed that most of the posters and banners on bridges and fencing on the highway had been pulled down.

Accra Central and the 37 Military Hospital through to the Ridge Roundabout has also seen some improvement.

However, the Mallam Interchange through to the Kaneshie Market still has some public facilities defaced with posters and banners.


At the press conference in Accra to give the directive, the Ga East Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Ms Janet Tulasi Mensah, said majority of the posters and banners at unauthorised locations were posing serious threat to the beautification drive of the city, adding that “culprits shall be dealt with in accordance with the respective bye-laws of the assemblies”.

She stated that some suitable locations would be dedicated for advertising and urged prospective applicants to follow the licensing process to qualify.

She cited Article 181 of the Local Governance Act, 2016 (Act 936) which mandated local assemblies to enact bye-laws to govern the respective local areas of authority, saying that “the move marks the beginning of a series of actions earmarked to ensure a sanitised Greater Accra Region that will catapult the beautification and cleanliness agenda of the city of Accra”.

She gave assurance of the AMA’s continuous engagement with all relevant stakeholders to ensure cooperation and compliance to the directive.

Law enforcement

The Chief Executive of the AMA, Mr Mohammed Adjei Sowah, reiterated the effort to ensure that the streets of Accra were clean, saying all ceremonial routes would be cleared of posters.

He encouraged institutions and individuals to abide by the laws governing outdoor advertising to help stop the habit of defacing public facilities.


Metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies within the Greater Accra Region have advised those who illegally hoist banners and posters in the region to desist from such acts with immediate effect.

A 14-day ultimatum has been given to offenders to take down all illegal posters and banners or face prosecution. The deadline is Thursday, March 14, 2019.

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