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Rosharon Montessori School Hosts Inaugural Sip and Paint Celebration Honoring Mothers

Rosharon Montessori School

By Gloria Anderson

Students of Rosharon Montessori School in Tema showcased their creative arts prowess at the school’s first sip and paint celebration dedicated to mothers. The event, organized to recognize and celebrate the vital role of mothers in their children’s lives, added a new dimension of bonding and creativity between mothers and their children.

Welcomed to the event grounds, mothers were treated to delicious and nutritious drinks before engaging in various activities. A raffle stand offered prizes including half school fees, spa treatments, personalized messages of celebration, mugs, canvas, and T-shirts. Winners then proceeded to select from an array of colors to create personalized designs alongside their children, resulting in a diverse range of heartfelt messages and artistic expressions celebrating motherhood.

Kwame safo Adu, the school’s Manager, highlighted the event’s annual tradition as a testament to the school’s commitment to honoring mothers. He expressed gratitude for the ongoing collaboration between the school and parents, emphasizing the importance of recognizing mothers as invaluable contributors to the community.

Acknowledging the vision of Rev Rita Adu Poku, the school’s founder, Mr. Adu Safo praised the enduring support of Rosharon mothers in maintaining the school’s reputation as a premier educational institution in Tema.

Sir Cecil Dogeebe, the school’s Creative Arts Facilitator and event organizer, underscored the significance of art as a means of emotional expression. He emphasized Rosharon’s dedication to nurturing artistic talent among students, with the event serving as a platform to showcase their creative abilities.

Mothers in attendance expressed delight and admiration for their children’s creativity, describing the event as a memorable tribute to motherhood. Messages such as “Best mum ever” and “World’s greatest mum” adorned the personalized items, reflecting the love and appreciation shared between mothers and their children.

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