How did You find love? How did you feel when you texted your partner and he or she never had the time to text back? how did you feel when you partner couldn’t pick up the phone when you called, or to call you when he or she woke up right from bed? Am sure most of us might say ‘I felt distressed, I was angry at him or her etc.

We all came to find love today in different situations, some from school, work, social events, weddings, funerals and more. To constantly keep in touch with these special ones in our lives we all have the privileges of using phones, online mails, post mails or even a meet up to go watch games, or for drinks and foods.

But this is not the case of the women and men locked up in Sacramento County jail. The inmates of this correction centre are using a unique way to make new friends, catch up with old friends and above all to find love, by talking through their toilet bowls (water closets).

If you find that special person, make sure to give them all the time you could get and never forget to hold that special moments of been together dearly.

Article by: Prince Ghalley

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