South Africa gas tanker explosion injures six


A truck carrying a gas tanker on Wednesday exploded in Worcester, a town 70 miles north of Cape Town, South Africa injuring six people, including firefighters.

Eyewitness, Marazelle de Villiers, filmed the huge fire that resulted from the crash, which burned buildings and shops.

“After the video, we were standing quite close and the next moment we had a massive explosion that was the final explosion, that’s when everything exploded,” she said.

“It just wiped out everything around it, everything was on fire. We lost about five businesses in this fire,” Villiers added. She said everything was on fire and they lost about five businesses in the fire.”
According to local reports, the truck driver reversed into a lamp post and the crash sparked the fire.

The Western Cape Traffic Chief, Kenny Africa over the phone said that the cause of the explosion had not been confirmed and that police are investigating the matter.

A case has been opened against the truck driver for negligence.

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