In a bid to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus, some parts of the country are observing a two week partial lockdown. Directives including the ban on social activities or gathering of more than 25 people and social distancing have also been issued and being enforced. This directive also led to the closure of schools in the country.

However, students especially those from the second cycle schools have taken this break from school as a vacation and are seen visiting public places including the malls.

According to Dr. Nana Esi Gaisie with the Pediatrics Department of the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital, this puts them at risk of contracting and also spreading the disease.

She said: “the students including those who have registered to sit for the Basic Education Certificate Examinations as well as the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations, instead of using the period to study move from one shop to another.”

Dr. Gaisie who is also a Child development specialist noted that there have been recorded cases of children contracting the disease and deaths.

“It may not put them in a much critical condition as it does grown ups, the mode of spread is the same.”

She said during the period parents should ensure that their children use their time profitably studying and also to acquire new skills.

Dr. Gaisie also cautioned parents against neglecting the younger children and advised them to put poisonous substance out of their reach to avoid accidents. Again, she touched on the regular washing of hands with soap and under running water or also use hand sanitizers.

Story filed by Marie Aziz Tunde.

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