Mr and Mrs Frimpong

Akwasi Frimpong is a history maker, a trendsetter, an odds beater and a walking depiction of “no matter where you are from, your dream is valid.” He is the rabbit that has escaped from the lion’s jaw and now enjoying his reign in “Wakanda.”

This is a beautiful story which that to be told to kids at Amakom roundabout in the Ashanti regional capital of Kumasi. This would have been an untold story but for a hidden hero in his life.

Akwasi Frimpong: Ghana’s Olympic skeleton athlete.

The bright smile that spreads on his face when he talks about his wife, Erica Frimpong, and all the sacrifices she has made to bring him this far. Akwasi simply describes her as “centre of his life.”

But for his wife he would have given up his Olympic dream. As an Olympic athlete competing in tournaments, being on the road for long periods of time and leaving Erica and Ashanti at home is the difficult sacrifice made every day.

He is, however, motivated to do more because the family.

Mrs Erica Frimpong

With a grin on his face and change in his voice he says, “She has really made a great impact in my life, she is the centre of my life and without her things will not happen, so I am really grateful.”

Being an Olympic athlete is easier than being the amazing wife, mother and partner Erica is to me.

Story filled by Akosua Adjei.

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