Government’s digitalization agenda has been take a notch higher with the launch of the Gh Dual Card.

The card which is a combination of both the e-zwich and the Gh-link cards will give cardholders access to both funds on their e-zwich and their bank account for which the Gh-link was issued without any stress.

The the Gh Dual Card which is being spearheaded by the the Ghana Interbank and Payment Systems, (GHIPSS) is part of efforts to encourage more people to opt for electronic payment channels.

Vice President  Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia who officially launched the Gh Dual Card said the dual card is the first to be launched in the world, making Ghana a model for other countries.

He indicated that the card will further promote financial inclusion in the country.

The Gh Dual Card which has both the e-zwich and the Gh-links applications has been designed to give customers the access to both funds on the e-zwich and in bank accounts at the same time.

The among will among other things eliminate the inconvenience that comes with holding multiple cards.

It will also has enhanced features that will ensure that transactions are protected and safe.

The Chief Executive Officer, (CEO), of GHIPSS, Archie Hesse explaining further how this card will operate, stressed that the card will help reduce the the cost involved in acquiring two cards.

He said so far one million Gh-Cards have been acquired even before the launch.

The Head of Payments and Systems of the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Settor Amediku said the Gh Dual Card will in the long run help the Bank of Ghana to manage the circulation of currencies.

He pledged the banks support to the development of the sector while encourging the banks to ensure that point of sales devices are operational.

Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia reiterated government’s commitment to move to a cashlite society and improve financial inclusion. He said Ghana is taking electronic payments to a different level which will be a benchmark for others

The Gh Dual Card will operate concurrently with the existing e-zwich and and Gh-link cards

Story filed by Mercy Darko

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