The embattled visiting Nigerian lecturer, Professor Augustine Uzoma Nwagbara has been dismissed from the University of Education (UEW) with immediate effect over comments he made in a video that has  gone viral on social media platforms.

Prof. Nwagbara was arrested Tuesday, for allegedly inciting the Nigerian community in Ghana to devise strategies that will destroy Ghana’s image internationally, but, was  granted bail.

The University in a statement, said the comments by the lecturer were inimical to the country’s educational sector, hence his dismissal.

“The University is highly disturbed by the huge embarrassment his unguarded statement has brought to the institution, the Ministry of Education, and indeed, Ghana as a whole. The University after subjecting Prof. Augustine Uzoma Nwagbara to the internal disciplinary process finds him culpable of gross misconduct and has, accordingly dismissed him.”

The University said, although Prof. Nwagbara has been on sabbatical leave from its Department of Applied Linguistics since October 2018, his comments after it set up an internal disciplinary process observed that the utterances were “unsavory, unethical and damning about the country, its history as well as its educational system.”

“The University totally dissociates itself from the grossly irresponsible comments and condemns it in no uncertain terms.”

“The University apologises to Ghanaians for Prof. Nwagbara disparaging remarks about this country’s educational system and further indicates that the comment was full of factual inaccuracies”, portions of the statement added.

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