The issue of whether it is best practice to consume water before, during or immediately after meals has ignited enough debate. While some in the medical space maintain it is okay to drink water when eating, others maintain water must be consumed a little while after a meal.

Most recent studies suggest that it is essential to maintain a gap between eating and drinking water, before and after meals. This is to avoid diluting enzymes that are essential for digestion.

It is also believed, that drinking water just before or during a meal may hinder the digestive process and cause a rise in blood sugar levels, which can lead to diabetes and obesity.

However, a renowned Medical Consultant in the Brong Ahafo Region, Dr. Aaron Asare, disagrees with this. According to him, consumption of water is really necessary during or immediately after a meal, as it helps break down food to facilitate the digestion process. Water he said, also helps prevent constipation.

In an interview with GBC in Sunyani, Dr. Asare  said water is required to aid the digestion process, irrespective of what time it is drunk.

Dr Asare, who was very confident in his claim, pointed out, that the real danger is a condition called inflammation, which is the main causative agent of almost all the incurable diseases.

He however indicated, that regular exercising as well as consumption of natural vegetables, fruits and local cooking oils, could help maintain good health.

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