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Ghana eSports Federation officially launched

Ghana eSports Federation officially launched

By: Nana Kwame Bediako

After gaining recognition and approval from the National Sports Authority in March to function as the main federation to oversee all eSports events and activities in Ghana, The Ghana eSports Federation has officially been inaugurated as the only organisation to hold an eSports licence in Ghana.

The event was held at the Madagastar eSports Arena at the West Hills Mall.

This significant milestone sets the pace for the development of eSports in Ghana moving forward, with the young and vibrant Ghanaians already jumping onto this magnificent project in order to showcase their skills and talents in gaming.

The President of the Ghana Olympics Committee, Nunoo Mensah, acknowledged the NSA and eSports Ghana for making this initiative possible, as eSports has huge potential in Ghana, especially with the young ones.

“eSports is the future of sports, and the earlier those of us in Ghana embrace it and embrace it well and put in structures and facilities to make sure we get the best out of it, the better.

I want to congratulate the Federation, and I can assure you that the Ghana Olympic Committee will have their back and be with them throughout this journey,” said Nunoo Mensah.

Igor Boumekpo, President of the eSports Federation, couldn’t hide his excitement as he expressed his desire and objectives for the federation moving forward.

“I want to assure every Ghanaian that from now to 2026, we are going to register every eSports organisation in this country, team, association, developers, and the players themselves. Everybody is going to be part of this because we need to have accurate data for the nation, including the game centres,” said Igor Boumekpo.

With the aim of empowering women into the game of eSports, Igor Boumekpoassured all female gamers in Ghana that this unique platform is also theirs to grab, as women are the sole targets to push this wonderful initiative.

“There’s nothing you will do in this world if you don’t get the women involved. We need them, and the Federation has a great plan for them. The Federation vice president is there to make sure we involve women in every activity. The women are going to play a major role, and we’re trying so hard to make sure we involve them in all our activities,” said Igor Boumekpo.

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