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Stop the Negativity: Osei Kuffour on speculations about Michael Essien being broke

Michael Essien
Michael Essien

By Nana Kwame Bediako

Former Ghanaian football sensation Samuel Osei Kuffour has staunchly defended Michael Essien amidst reports suggesting that the ex-Black Stars and Chelsea midfielder is experiencing financial difficulties.

Kuffour vehemently stated that Essien is financially stable and that these allegations are unfounded.

This defence came in response to media claims that Essien is in such financial distress that the Accra High Court ordered the sale of two of his mansions in East Legon and Trassaco, reportedly valued at $50 million.

In an interview with Angel FM’s Saddick Adams, Osei Kuffour expressed his dismay over the negative portrayal of Essien in the media. He emphasized that it is shameful to label Michael as broke without proper understanding or evidence.

“To say Michael is broke is a shame. It’s disappointing that we view our own people in such a negative light. We should focus on positivity; Michael is not broke. We’re talking about a house valued at $20 million and another at $30 million that they’re talking about,” Kuffour stated.

Osei Kuffour further criticized those who spread such rumours without any direct knowledge of Essien’s financial situation: “No one with a clear conscience should make such claims. You haven’t spoken to the person; you don’t know what they’re going through. How can you say someone is broke? You would have to know if he’s coming to your house to beg for food to say that. I know the kind of assets Michael has, and I won’t stand anywhere and say Michael is broke. Michael is wealthy,” Osei Kuffour passionately argued.

Saddick Adams had previously shared insights into the legal proceedings involving Essien’s properties.

According to Adams, Essien had signed a mortgage for the properties at East Legon and Trassaco years ago, paying in installments.

The management of these payments was handed over to his wife, Akosua Puni, who was responsible for continuing the payments.

However, the payments eventually ceased, leading to the current legal actions aimed at recovering the funds. Essien, who is no longer interested in the properties, decided with the court to sell them and use the money to purchase another house.

Currently, Essien is serving as an assistant coach at FC Nordsjaelland in Denmark, marking his transition from a celebrated player to a mentor on the sidelines. A position that many retired athletes aspire to.

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