West Africa is hub for Africa football – Rosalind Amoh

West Africa is hub for Africa football - Rosalind Amoh
By: Roberta Gayode Modin
There are many African Players who have earned a spot in the Western Football with their tremendous performances in their league teams. Meanwhile, no Africa country has ever won the FIFA World Cup, the highest level an African team has reached is the quarter finals.
However, Ace Sports Journalist, Rosalind Amoh has reiterated that West Africa is the hub of African football.
Speaking on Ghana’s only 24-hour Sports Channel, GTV Sports+ Match Day show, she said the performance of Western African countries in world football makes them an epicenter of African football.
“You look at the teams that have qualified, if you add Cameroon, we have three from west Africa so it means that west Africa still is the hub for Africa football” she added.
However, Rosalind Amoh mentioned bad administration as a shortcoming in west African football.
“What we haven’t done right is administrative and management because the North Africans are better organized than us”.


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