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Apple expands noise-cancelling tech to regular phone calls

Apple expands noise-cancelling tech to regular phone calls

By Dankwa Prince

In a quiet but impactful update, Apple has expanded the noise cancellation capabilities of its Voice Isolation feature to regular iPhone calls made over cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

The technology, which was first introduced for FaceTime calls in iOS 15, uses advanced microphone processing to filter out unwanted background noises and focus only on the user’s voice. This provides a clearer call experience for those on the other end of the line.

While Voice Isolation was limited to FaceTime calls at its debut, the iOS 16.4 release from March 2023 brought it to standard phone conversations as well. Now, iPhone users can enable the setting during any call to block out disruptive ambient sounds from their surroundings.

According to Apple, the goal is to “minimize interruptions” so calls can happen seamlessly regardless of environment. Whether commuting on a noisy subway or working remotely from a busy cafe, Voice Isolation aims to offer users a private audio space.

To activate it, iPhone owners simply need to open the Control Center during a call and select “Voice Isolation” from the microphone mode options. The feature will remain toggled on until disabled.

This continues Apple’s push to enhance mobile communication tools. As more daily interactions move to voice and video, high-quality audio experiences are becoming increasingly important. Voice Isolation’s expansion could benefit many users who find themselves on calls in less-than-ideal locations.

For privacy-conscious consumers, it also provides reassurance that unwanted background noises won’t unintentionally share private details of their surroundings. As with other Apple innovations, subtle features like this keep iPhones at the forefront of the mobile experience.

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