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Cyber Security Authority warns of rising social engineering attacks

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By: Nana Kwame Bediako

The Cyber Security Authority (CSA) has raised alarm over a significant increase in the number of individuals falling victim to social engineering scams, specifically those involving the sharing of WhatsApp verification codes. 

As of April 2024, the CSA recorded 187 reports of such incidents, a figure that matches the total number of cases reported throughout the entire year of 2023. This alarming trend has prompted the CSA to issue urgent warnings and guidelines to help users safeguard their accounts.

In their public announcement, the Cyber Security Authority emphasised the importance of not sharing verification codes with anyone, no matter how convincing or urgent the request may seem.

According to the Cyber Security Authority, “Your WhatsApp verification code is like a key to your personal information. Sharing it can lead to serious consequences, including identity theft and financial loss.”

The Cyber Security Authority further stated that, in the case of WhatsApp verification codes, scammers often pose as trusted contacts or official representatives to deceive users into sharing their six-digit verification codes. Once the scammers obtain the codes, they can easily gain unauthorised access to any victim’s WhatsApp account, leading to potential misuse and further security breaches.

In response to the surge in incidents, the Cyber Security Authority outlined some measures and recommendations aimed at educating users about the risks of social engineering. This recommendation includes never sharing verification codes, the importance of two-step verification, and the need for vigilance when receiving unexpected messages. 

The Cyber Security Authority also encouraged users to report any suspicious activity immediately to prevent the further spread of these scams. The Cyber Security Authority’s proactive approach to addressing the rise in social engineering incidents underscores the importance of staying informed and cautious. 

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