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AI Conference in Ghana is opportunity for innovation and economic growth 


By Jeremiah Nutsugah 

Entrepreneur and Communication Consultant, Prince Tagoe, and CEO of Africon International, has commended Finance Minister Dr Mohammed Amin and other intelligent individuals for hosting a conference that provided an opportunity to explore innovative approaches and technologies that can contribute to economic growth and development in Ghana.

Finance Minister Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam expressed confidence in fostering a closer partnership with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to bolster Ghana’s economic resilience and expedite sustainable and inclusive growth on Monday, March 18, 2024, at the AI Conference.

The Conference was themed “AI as a Catalyst to Transform Economies in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

During an interview on GTV’s Market Avenue, Prince Tagoe remarked that it’s unprecedented for a country, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, to host an IMF Conference.

“Ghana’s government, particularly the Ministry of Finance, deserves commendation for organising such a significant event,” he emphasised.

He further stressed that this initiative signals the positive direction our country is taking, and as a Ghanaian, it’s reassuring to see these discussions happening on our home soil in Accra.

“The Ministers and Officials in our government are among the most intelligent individuals I’ve encountered,” he added.

He also cautioned that Ghana must exercise caution with regulation, citing Silicon Valley’s success due to operating without strict regulation for a considerable period, allowing innovation to thrive without predefined boundaries.

Regarding education, he highlighted that education is key to understanding which regulations are necessary, especially concerning AI.

“I’m pleased that Dr. Amin emphasised this point and took concrete action by inviting the IMF to participate in these discussions,” he concluded.

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