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Google Doodle celebrates Ghana’s 67th Independence


Google Doodle celebrates Ghana’s Independence Day 2024 today, March 6, with a doodle depicting the country’s flag. This doodle depicts the waving Ghanaian national flag with ‘Google’ written at the bottom, marking its 67th Independence Day today. This doodle’s reach, in terms of visibility, spans the region of Ghana located in Africa. 


In 1957, on this day, Ghana became the first African country in sub-Saharan Africa to officially become a free nation. Ghana was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to become independent from European colonial rule. This day marks the declaration of Ghanaian independence from the British colonial rule. 

The first Prime Minister of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, became the Head of Government from 1957 to 1960. Ghana formerly known as the Gold Coast is a resource rich country categorised into two main – abundant endowment of minerals and forest resources.


Every year on March 6, the country observes a national holiday as schools and businesses remain shut. Citizens of the country celebrate the day with parades and carnivals. Ghana’s national flag can be found waving throughout the nation.  

The red, yellow and green tricolour flag with a black star in the middle represents independence, wealth and the country’s forests and farms. Celebrations are further marked with highlife music in the air as school children and military members parade through Ghana’s major cities. On this day, families prepare traditional dishes like ‘waakye’, a combination of rice and beans, or ‘jollof rice’, a combination of rice with peppers and tomatoes. 

The description of this doodle states, “Fireworks splash across Ghana’s skylines at night as people wind down from celebrations. Happy Independence Day, Ghana!”

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