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How to develop your own website for free


By: Sedinam Dumenu

Do you know that you can develop your own website? And for free? Cyber Security Specialist David Gyedu popularly known as DK Cyber of DK Cyber Zone Gh, gave a free lesson on today’s tech tips feature on the Breakfast Show on GTV about how to build a website on your own for free.

He went through the steps necessary to enable one build a website at no cost.


To build a website, there are three important steps that are needed before anything else.

The first is the establishment of a domain name. The IT expert gave examples  to include,  .com, .org, .edu, .net, depending on what the website is about.

He said the next important thing to establish is a host that allows one to display content online.

”It’s a serious server that holds confidential information online for the website. Some known ones are Namechaeap, Bluehost and Dreamhost”, according to DK Cyber.

“To create a domain name comes with a monthly payment ranging from $6 and above. Although a very good host, paying in dollars can be quite unaffordable to some especially in this current economy”, DK Cyber posited.

He illustrated this with – Professional free hosting. This platform he said, allows one to create a domain for free without any added conditions.

”All you have to do, is click on “register now”, then input your email address and password after which a link would be sent to your email address. You click on activate on the link to send to your email and you will be directed to a backend. From there, you go to software, click on softaculous-an app installer-and install your preferred content management system (CMS) on which you want to build you website”, he noted.

”From then on, you can add themes that you want to develop your website with. Some examples are Theme forest and Astra”.

”There are so many features that you can use to develop your website and make it a full grown one. He also went through some security measures that can be undertaken when building your website to protect it from cyberattacks and such. This process is how one can build their own website”, he observed.

DK Cyber hinted that the there is a Ghanaian host company that creates domains for as low as GHC108 a year.

“They allow you to pick any domain you want without making any changes and they are very good at it” he said.

He recommended it because it gives the full feature of the host without any difficulties, he noted.

”A good website that gets a lot of traffic can even attract payment from google and advertisements. So you must build one that attracts a lot of attention and is unique”, the Tech Savy noted.

DK Cyber’s parting words to the audience were, “Treat your password like the way you treat your undie… change it periodically.” Make sure your devices are always protected”, he posited.



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