Introduce social media as a subject in schools – Blogger to GES

By: Asile Alice Dzorgbenyuie

Given contemporary times and the switch from traditional to new media, Augustus Koranteng Kyei, a Blogger, has proposed to the Ghana Education Service (GES) to consider adding social media as an extracurricular activity to the syllabus in Schools across Ghana.

Augustus Koranteng Kyei, made this call while on the GTV Breakfast Show on October 18, 2021.

He posited that social media is “wide” and has great content to influence generations, besides it had come to stay.

Mr. Koranteng Kyei, noted that when the potential of social media as a change agent is tapped, it can generate content and the discourse required in a developing country.

To him, the rise of social media, if properly taken advantage of, can benefit children along with its accompanying study of the English language as a subject.

He said there are lots of children who are on social media platforms such as “Facebook” and with guidance and a watchful ethical eyes form parents and caregivers, the children could use the social media to their advantage and better the society progressively.


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