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Keeping Kids Safe in Digital Age: Insights from Cybersecurity Expert David Gyedu

Keeping Kids Safe in Digital Age

By Gloria Amoh

The CEO of Cyber 1 Defense and Communication, David Gyedu, stated that parents should have a Google Family link to protect their kids.

In an interview with David Gyedu on the Breakfast Show, he explained that the developers behind the systems give out some commands to people to know who is using the device, and it’s up to the person to be honest with the system.

According to him, whatever you put in the system brings you whatever you should have.

“So if you are below 18 years old and you issue above 18 years old, it means you are trying to access explicit contents made for people above 18 years old, so we advise people to be very sincere and honest online.” He said

David Gyedu highlighted that parents should set their kids up because if they leave the scope for kids to do their own thing, parents will be surprised by what they will be doing.

He explained that with internet footprinting, whatever you do today, there is a trace that will live in the space, which might be used against you in the future.

“In online safety, there should be one address, which is an electronic mail (email) for the family.” He said

He addressed the fact that parents should have a Google Family link, which gives them a lot of opportunities or control over the device the child is using. He also mentioned that the Google Family Link helps the parents set time up on the phone and take off some activities for the child. Also, there are Microsoft Family Safety and

David Gyedu mentioned that, to keep safe while doing this, parents should not click on unknown links, be careful of the people they chat with, and set strong passwords, which will go a long way toward protecting the parents and the family.

“Parents should make sure that the child’s Google account is safe because there are a lot of contents that come from Google that redirect their interest to something else,” He stated.

Touching on the warning signals, he said that parents should have an open conversation with their kids so that they can freely give out whatever they are doing on the space; parents should be friends with them as well as be on any app the child is using to know the kind of people their kids chat with.

“Parents should have a safer search for their kids’ research works than using Google,” He added.

In addition, David Gyedu urged parents and said “Don’t buy computers and laptops for kids to hide in their rooms, but once a while, run a control on their web to get the history, which will inform you on what they are doing.”

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