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Free online browsing is never free- Cyber Expert

David Gyedu.

By: Rebecca Ampah

CEO of Cyber1Defense, David Gyedu, has raised a compelling alarm regarding the inherent risks associated with free online browsing as it compromises the confidentiality of data privacy.

In a recent interview on GTV’s breakfast show, he shed light on the alarming risks associated with the use of free online browsing tools such as VPNs, edoztunnels, http injectors, and the widely popular wire-turn.

Mr. Gyedu highlighted a major concern that these browsers often switch servers across different countries, posing a significant challenge to users’ data security.

Specifically addressing the wire-turn browser, he warned that upon signing up, users unwittingly expose themselves to potential threats as the server can scan and obtain all IP addresses connected to it.

Despite the allure of free data, the cyber security expert emphasised that users remain oblivious to the potential risks they expose themselves to when joining such networks, as the server gains control over their activities.

He underscored the rising concerns around data protection and privacy, emphasising that one’s data is a valuable asset.

Gyedu cautioned against the illusion of “free” browsing, revealing the darker side where hackers intentionally set up free Wi-Fi networks to harvest users data.

“You can enjoy the free browsing, but you are doing more harm to yourself. These hackers intentionally open free Wi-Fi just to harvest data,” he said.

Highlighting the malicious intent behind data harvesting, Gyedu warned against the grave consequences, including identity theft, fraud, extortion, and sextortion.

“For identity theft, frauding, extortion and sextortion, that is why data protection and  data privacy has become a great concern to everyone today because your data is you,” he added.

He further underscored the growing importance of prioritising data protection in today’s digital landscape, reminding the audience that their data is an integral part of their identity.

Acknowledging the challenges of expensive data and economic hardships, Gyedu proposed a practical solution of unsubscribing from unnecessary services and being vigilant about automatic app updates that consume data.

The CEO emphasised that these precautions are far more beneficial “than looking for these free online browsers that cause yourself so much harm; one day you will have all your data and private stuff out there”.

Mr. Gyedu therefore urged individuals to weigh the true cost of free online browsing, emphasising the potential long-term consequences of compromising data privacy and security.

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