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Protecting children online is part of parenting- David Gyedu

David Gyedu.

By: Rebecca Ampah

Cyber Security Analyst and CEO of Cyber1Defense, David Gyedu, has underscored the critical role of cybersecurity in parenting, highlighting that in today’s technology-driven world, providing for a child’s basic needs and social development is not enough, and protecting children from cyber threats is equally vital for responsible parenting.

Mr. Gyedu stressed that children as young as six are vulnerable to cyber threats due to their increasing exposure to the internet. He argued that parents bear a significant responsibility in educating their children about online safety and privacy.

“One of the responsibilities we have today as parents is to train our children online,” he said.

He cautioned that, in the world of technology, it’s imperative to recognise that not all dangers are physical. Bad actors don’t just reside in our communities; they lurk online, targeting innocent people; hence, people ought to be alert.

“The bad people in your Community that you run away from are online waiting for you so please, whatever you do, be careful,” Mr. Gyedu stated.

He further pointed out that the risks extend beyond children themselves, clarifying that children are often connected to the home network, which becomes susceptible to hacking attempts, potentially compromising sensitive family data and privacy.

“Your child is using the home network; if your child is not protected and your child is hacked, the hacker sits on the home network,” he added.

In a compelling plea to both parents and children, the Cybersecurity Specialist urged them to exercise caution and vigilance in navigating the online world, acknowledging the inherent risks it poses.

Mr. Gyedu spoke on the GTV Breakfast Show.

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