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Twitter’s verified legacy accounts to lose blue tick, April 20

Twitter's verified legacy accounts to lose blue tick, April 20

By Seli Baisie

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has announced the final date for the removal of legacy blue ticks from its platform.

In a tweet, Musk declared that the final day for the removal of the blue checkmarks would be April 20th.

This news comes after Musk promised on April 1st to strip all legacy verified accounts of their blue checkmark badges, but failed to deliver on that promise. While it’s unclear as to why the date for the removal of the blue checkmarks was postponed to April 20th, many are eagerly anticipating the change.

The removal of the blue checkmark from legacy verified accounts has sparked mixed reactions from users. While some argue that the blue tick is no longer relevant and can be easily faked, others believe that it provides an important level of authenticity and credibility. Regardless, it looks like the removal of the blue checkmark will soon be a reality for legacy verified accounts on Twitter.

What is a verified legacy account?

These accounts are not just any ordinary accounts, but rather they are active, notable, and authentic accounts of public interest that have been independently verified by Twitter as per its old verification criteria.

This means that Twitter has checked and confirmed that the account really belongs to the person or organization it claims to be, providing an added layer of authenticity and trust to their followers. So, if you see that blue checkmark next to someone’s name on Twitter, you know you’re following the real deal!

How can you retain your blue tick?

If you’re one of the lucky few who had your Twitter account verified before the introduction of Twitter Blue, you might be worried about losing your coveted blue tick. However, there’s good news for you – you can retain your verification badge by simply signing up for Twitter Blue, the platform’s premium subscription service.

Twitter Blue, launched in February of this year, is a subscription service designed to elevate the quality of conversations on the platform. While it does offer some additional features such as the ability to edit tweets and write longer posts, the major selling point for many users is the ability to keep their blue checkmark by paying a monthly fee of $8 (or $11 on mobile devices).

Twitter is taking steps to monetize its platform beyond traditional advertising revenue. Only time will tell how successful these efforts will be, but for now, it looks like Twitter Blue and its blue tick retention offer are here to stay.

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