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3rd African Media Convention: Prof. Nyabuga advocates in-depth research into technology

3rd African Media Convention: Prof. Nyabuga advocates for in-depth research into technology
Prof. George Nyabuga

BY : Godfred Amoaful

An Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Media and Communications of AGA KHAN University, Kenya, Professor George Nyabuga has underscored the relevance of research into the effect of technology on society.

Prof. Nyabuga emphasized that there is the need for understanding about media literacy to avoid the spread of inferior and unrealistic media contents.He noted that, media practitioners must adhere to the character of in-depth research into societal behavior, and understand their perspectives about certain issues, especially those in the rural areas.

Prof. George Nyabuga was speaking at the Day 1 of the ongoing 3-day 3rd edition of Africa Media Convention, AMC in Accra.

In a panel discussion on the topic; Media, Information and Digital Competencies: A Pan-African Strategy, Prof. Nyabuga said, technology has has found its way into the act of journalism and for that reason, practitioners must stick to the effective use of technology to enhance productive journalism.

“I think it is important to understand from a general perspective on what media information literacy is in offering solutions to challenges of society”, he said.

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