Babies who are exclusively breastfed are ‘so intelligent’ – Senior Midwife

By: Konadu Benedicta 
A Senior Midwifery Officer at the Tema Health Centre, Ruby Naa Ago Larbi Mensah Ansah-Tagoe says research has shown that babies who are exclusively breastfed for six months are more intelligent as compared to babies who are not.
This she said is because breast milk has all the nutrients a baby needs.
“Like I said, the breast milk has everything in it because the mother is actually eating. So whatever mothers eat, the baby also has the same amount. So immediately six months, you know research has also shown that, babies who exclusively breastfeed are so intelligent. So intelligent and there barely get sick when they are actually growing up. Those who are not exclusively breastfed are not so intelligent”, she said.
The Senior Midwife stated the importance of breast milk.
“Breast milk is cheap. It’s readily available, the child gets his or her fresh humidity from it and it is economical. And any child who is also breastfed actually helped mother Ghana because all those social vices the child actually stays away from it. Ghana is able to save a lot of money to prevent this childhood illnesses at the end of the day through breastfeeding, it can save the nation. Aside that also, the father is able to save money. There is happiness in the home because, father is not going about to buy artificial formulas. So always there is that oneness, there is now love, there is now unity and that bond between husband and wife and the child also”, she added.
She advised lactating mothers against being reluctant in breastfeeding babies below 2 years.


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