Let’s be pragmatic about the Black Stars- Oscar Provencal

black stars
Oscar Provencal.

By: Sedinam Dumenu

Renowned Actor, Oscar Provencal has advised Ghanaians to be pragmatic about the Black Stars because they are a new team. He says that Ghanaians should not be dreamers, especially where the new players for the country’s team are concerned.

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On GTV’s Breakfast Show with Kafui Dey, Oscar began his rant of the day by congratulating the Black Stars on their stellar performance in the recent match against South Korea.

In his opinion, they could have done a better job, but they did give an exceptional performance.

Mr. Provencal said, “they are relevant in the way they unify a divided country, and for that they have the support of all Ghanaians.”

He mentioned that although he was not in favour of how much was spent on them, they do uplift the nation’s hopes and put the Ghanaians in high spirit.

“They could of course also incite anger in Ghanaians that is if things go haywire.”

However, even with their win, he asks that Ghanaians not get their hopes up too much because these are new players and they are a new team.

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