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Network marketing entrepreneurship key to reducing graduate unemployment


By Bright Kofi Agamah

Individuals and institutions have been taking initiatives to complement government’s effort at dealing with graduate unemployment. One of such innovative ideas to create employment opportunities for the country’s youth has been identified in the area of network marketing entrepreneurship.

In its contribution to support the national drive to reducing graduate unemployment, PGW-GH, a leading marketing partner of Longrich International, a consumer product manufacturing conglomerate, has launched an event dubbed “The Marketing Queen.”
 It has the objective of helping young female graduates to use their beauty and intelligence to develop business ideas to create jobs.
The CEO of PGW-GH, Kennedy Amoako said the Marketing Queen is a unique event that seeks to create a prestigious platform for ladies to exhibit their entrepreneurial marketing skills and business ideas for job creation.
The more than 200 contestants are expected to exhibit their intelligence in various fields. According to Amoako, ‘the network marketing entrepreneurship beauty pageant, also has the objective of creating public awareness on network marketing opportunities which the youth can explore for wealth creation.”
The Chief Executive Officer of PGW-Ghana, expressed the hope that the event, will motivate the contestants to acquire entrepreneurship skills, to enhance the growth of the economy.
“We believe that a project such as an entrepreneurship pageantry will seek not only to resource and empower the pageants, but also, provide a platform to educate the general public to understand and embrace the opportunities that network marketing businesses provides towards the growth of the economy,” he stated.
He urged the youth and every unemployed person, saying “Charlie krom ay3 shi, so let’s all rise, let’s welcome network marketing. He called for support for “these Queens as they embark on the journey in trying to eradicate a lot of social problems including unemployment and several other health issues in society.”
Mr. Amoako said there will be opportunities for the contestants to create personal business and community projects, in addition to business coaching.“The skills that we are going to train them with, they can continue to use that skills and be on the leverage platforms and continue to make amazing cash income and use it to support whatever project they have.
So, we are going to support them till we see the project they have set to do becoming a reality. So even if you are evicted, that’s not the end, your project must still come to light.” he assured the contestants.
The contestants will be given network marketing related challenges weekly to perform and the winners will be rewarded weekly with the top 10 finalist going into the grand finale TV reality show. The ultimate winner takes home a Honda saloon car, while the other finalists get various business start-up kits.

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