Flooding renders residents of Gbestile near Michel Camp immobile

By: Cynthia Boateng

Residents in Gbestile near Michel Camp in the Kpone Katamanso District are always stranded and are unable to go to work or do business any time it rains.

A recent downpour which lasted for hours caused a lot of flooding on the main Gbestile road and surrounding areas which left workers and traders stranded without means of transportation.

The road is in a deplorable state with huge potholes and the situation is worsening by the day.

People who live in and around Gbestile have no choice but to deal with frequent car breakdowns. Sometimes commercial car drivers refuse to use the area for fear of incurring damages.

Okada drivers have taken advantage of the situation to extort exorbitant fees from passengers.

Others also use the situation to perpetrate crimes with the motor bikes. Residents say the issue is worsening especially with people encroaching on water ways. They insist authorities must be proactive and work to forestall disasters.

Early this morning workers who live in and around Gbestile, Sanco and US, waited for long hours and some eventually had to go back home because no vehicle was plying that route. Those in their private cars could not continue the journey due to the floods and for fear of their car being submerged in the floods.

It is evident that a lot of productive hours will go down the drain simply because of the rains which should not be the case.

The people are therefore appealing to the roads and highways ministry to ensure that the Gbestile road is constructed with adequate drains for people to go about their normal duties especially during the rainy season.



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