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GBC’s Peter Agengre explores multimedia content production in Mauritius

GBC's Peter Agengre explores multimedia content production in Mauritius
Peter Agengre (Right) explores MBC's multimedia news production in Mauritius

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation‘s Upper East Regional Correspondent, Peter Agengre is in Mauritius to broaden his scope of knowledge on producing content for multimedia use.

In the face of Digital Transformation, it has become critical for journalists to bring themselves up to speed with the dynamics within the media ecosystem, especially in churning out quality content in the space of a barrage of social media content.

Peter Agengre is attached to the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation during his stay in the country.

“I am here in Mauritius to observe and learn how Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) creates news items for multimedia output,” he noted.

His stories are education focused and couched around Sustainable Development Goal Four.

SDG Goal 4 Focuses on education and aims to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

Basic Education up to the University level is absolutely FREE in Mauritius.

“I will tell you more. But thanks to Public Media Alliance and GBC for this exposure,” Peter Agengre noted.

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