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Harriet Tachie-Menson embarks on her final journey to her Creator…Adieu

Tribute by Ghana Broadcasting Corporation to the late Harriet Tachie-Menson
We were saddened to learn of the death of our colleague, Harriet Tachie- Menson. Harriet’s outgoing personality, sense of humor and boundless talents will be sorely missed at GBC.
Harriet Tachie-Menson (aka. Yours Truly) spent her entire productive life with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, spanning almost three scores in many capacities. She however, was stronger as a disc jockey.
She started her broadcasting career in 1963 as a presenter/producer, a job she dutifully performed for four (4) years. This would mark the beginning of her broadcasting career with the now defunct External Service of the Corporation. As part of the strategic transformation of Radio Ghana, the Commercial Department was established in 1967 with Radio 2 as the medium.
Harriet quickly took advantage of the opportunity to become a DJ and the first African woman as such with contemporaries like Mike Eghan (affectionately called “The Emperor”), Joe Coffie and many giants in the broadcasting space. From 1980 to 1996, she produced and presented programmes like “Woman’s World”, “Time with the Children”, “What Do You Know?”, a quiz programme. Harriet Tachie-Menson was a brilliant and visionary leader who achieved national recognition for her work in disc jockeying.
Harriet Tachie-Menson benefitted from countless training programmes that shaped her activities as a professional broadcaster. She therefore transitioned from a trainee to a trainer even in retirement. Many broadcasters both in GBC and the private media benefitted from her training and professional skills.
As far as Yours Truly was concerned, no broadcaster/presenter should go on air without a script, much less a producer. She wrote many development broadcasting stories with her well researched musical scripts. She was always guided on air by the NTBB (Not To Be Broadcast) quality control indicator. Professionalism was her hallmark.
For the period 1998-1999, she acted as the Regional Director in the Central and Eastern Regions and rose to the position of Deputy Director of Administration in GBC before retiring in 2000.
Her light was not as long lasting as we would have wished, but it did shine bright and large enough for many of us and we shall remember her by walking the trails she blazed.
This tribute is to uplift and offer reassurance that Harriet Tachie-Menson’s contributions and legacy will live on.
Harriet Tachie-Menson, we will forever hold the rich memories of your prowess in our minds for eternity.
Harriet Tachie-Menson, the pace setter in Disc Jockeying. This is the authentic and trusted voice of the nation. Stay tuned, Yours Truly HTM.
May you find rest in the bosom of our heavenly Father. May your soul rest in perfect peace!!!!

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