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Let’s help tackle religious fundamentalism, extremism – Alhaji Osman


The Executive Director of Tijaniyya Muslim Movement of Ghana, Alhaji Khuzaima Mohammed Osman, has called on the global community to build the necessary blocks in tackling religious fundamentalism and extremism.

He said religious fundamentalism was growing in Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, Togo, Niger and almost every nation in West Africa, with Ghana not an exception, adding that no country was immune to the challenge.

Alhaji Osman, attending the International Religious Freedom (IRF) Summit in Washington DC, told the Ghana News Agency in a telephone interview that Ghana, as a very peaceful country in West Africa, must work hard to ensure that the entire region was transformed.

He said such development would close the religious fundamentalism gap and empower the youth with skills and keep them busy doing something meaningful for their lives.

Alhaji Osman said: “It is dangerous to sit in the midst of turmoil and think that you are peaceful and safe. Ghana must work with other stakeholders to eliminate the infiltration and activities of terrorism.”

“The frequent terrorist attacks in almost all the neighbouring countries in the West African countries make the sub-region very fragile and the youth prone to being used by these extremist groups to perpetrate violence.”

“We must keep our communities together by talking to each other to understand and appreciate the level of indulgence, mutual relations, and the benefits of tolerance and peaceful cooperation.”

He described the International Religious Freedom Summit as key to sustaining peace and unity in the world and commended the organisers for the yearly programme to sustain the peace.

Alhaji Osman, an Eminent Member of the National Peace Council, and the Christian Muslim Forum for Dialogue and Mutual Relations, said the Forum had been meeting with Muslim and Christian youth leaders in targeted communities where religious fundamentalism was on the rise in Ghana.

The Forum aims at disarming any form of religious extremism promoting dialogue, tolerance, and mutual understanding and cooperation in Ghana and beyond.


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