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New Melcom promises to give back

New Melcom promises to give back

By: Edzorna Francis Mensah

The Melcom Group of Companies, one of the leading retailing businesses in Ghana has relaunched a new logo with a new vision after more than three decades of operations in Ghana.

The processes leading to new face of the company launched Thursday, 22nd September, 2022 in Accra is technologically driven, paramount to top management as said, “technology will continue to be the core and as a group, we are committed to invest in tech — to streamline processes and systems which will for sure delight you going forward.

Supply chain operations, store planning, electronic commerce (ecommerce, Quick Commerce, and Hyper Local Commerce), and loyalty programs are all examples of our work behind the scenes.”

On the issue of packaging, it says, ”the new look stores, new features and attractions, investment in this will lead to nothing, but a world of new experience for its customers.”

According to the Communications Department of the Group, their future plans anchored on Seven (7) Business Strategies: Product, Process, Place, Packaging, Price, People and Purpose will help their achieve their overall object and by taking their Corporate Social Responsibilities to another of investing more in the Ghanaian society.

“Melcom is in the business of not just retailing but delighting the customer across all segments of the society.”

”Its purpose as a Corporate Citizen is to give back to the society which till now has patronised us over the last 3 decades and more. Its  purpose is to the world to Ghana through our varied products and services and elevate the lives of our customers from what it is,” the statement said.”

The Company entered Ghana with a single store in 1989, but as of 2022, it has grown to become a retail giant with a current outreach of 55 retail stores across multiple formats and 12 Cash & Carry stores, 7 Pizza Hut and 4 Giordano stores.

Melcom Group announced its readiness to expand and extend services for the convenience of every Ghanaian as new managers submitted that, “change is the only constant and this change is what pushes Melcom to do better on a very regular basis.

Our customers what they expected a couple of years back do not seek the same any more”.

Our future plans are elaborated under the 7 P’s of Business strategy:

On its products, Melcom has already redefined and rejuvenated them across all categories from Food to Non-food.

….”immaculately blending the traditional with the modern to offer you best in class products — better than before. Bringing to you not just innovative packaged foods but introducing ready to eat, More QSR outlets and newer brands to suit the tastes of our customers”.

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