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Use of live ammunition on suspects unacceptable – Martin Kpebu


A Human Rights Lawyer, Martin Kpebu has criticised the Police for its use of live ammunition in dealing with suspected criminals. 

According to him, ”the practice is unacceptable and condemnable”.

Reacting to the Bortianor shooting incident, Mr. Kpebu also joined the calls for an independent investigation into the matter. 

Mr. Kpebu urged the Minister to set up what he described as a truly independent and impartial committee.

He said this is very important because whatever the police said cannot be taken on its face value. This he said is borne out of the fact that, in previous situations, for instance in Asawase, where the Police shot down seven individuals as armed robbers, a subsequent Committee of Inquiry proved that the people were innocent of the accusations.

Mr. Kpebu urged the Inspector General of Police to review the current communication regime in the service to enable the Public Relations Officers to grant interviews to the media on critical issues like this. 

Under the current regime, apart from issuing press statements from time to time, Police PR Officers no longer grant media interviews making it difficult for journalists to access information or probe the Police further on critical issues.

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