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Youth And Their Quest For News


For the youth, news come to them in various forms and shapes, thanks to the new media, especially online, where they are updated with news making headlines. However, they say, it all depends on what is of interest to them.

On the media platform currently, the issue of teenage pregnancy, COVD-19, varied economic and political issues, normally take center stage with topmost priority in terms of discussions on various media platforms. In the Global headlines, the Afghanistan Taliban takeover made waves consistently for a considerable period of time and now, the most popular being the recent political unrest in Guinea. To what extent do these issues matter to the youth?

While others sought for trending news in Ghana, others have interest in news around the world. It’s a matter of choice.

For the youth with interest in sports, hardly does a day pass without they visiting sports news portals for updates. There are also those who turn their backs to trending social issues.

Priscilla Owusu said she recently joined the craze on Tiktok, a social media platform she uses to entertain her followers.

Entertainment news which is always the lighter side of news matters most to those who love the arts.

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