Coup in Sudan: Determination needed to ensure Democracy- Security Expert

Source: BBC.
Interview by Abraham Donkor, GBC.

Military forces have arrested members of Sudan’s civilian leadership, following an attempted coup. BBC’s Reporter in Khartoum said those detained include the Industry Minister Ibrahim al-Sheikh, Information Minister Hamza Baloul, and Media Adviser to the Prime Minister, Faisal Mohammed Saleh.

The Spokesman for Sudan’s ruling Sovereign Council, Mohammed al-Fiky Suliman, and the Governor of Sudan’s capital Khartoum, Ayman Khalid, were also arrested. Reports say the home of the Prime Minister was besieged by unknown gunmen.

Meanwhile, a prominent Pro-democracy group has called on Sudanese to take to the streets to resist any military coup. Sudan has since a failed coup plot last month unleashed bitter recriminations between military and civilian groups meant to be sharing power following the toppling of the country’s long-time leader Omar al-Bashir.

Al-Bashir was toppled after months of street protests in 2019, and a political transition agreed after his removal was meant to lead to elections by the end of 2023.

Reports say access to telecommunications has been restricted in the country. The military has also blocked all roads and bridges leading into Khartoum city.

Kumadoe on Sudan. (Interview by Abraham Donkor)

A Security and Fraud Consultant, Richard Kumadoe, has called on the African Union to be up and doing in addressing issues of conflict in Sudan to ensure that peace prevails.

Speaking to GBC News’ Abraham Donkor, Mr. Kumadoe said the conflicts if not resolved, can retard economic activities and this does not augur well for regional co-existence.

He said Sudan will need help and determination to ensure democracy prevails in that country.

“Sudan is a country in transition, they will need a lot of help if they want democracy to prevail. The reason being that there have been many instability and there have been various levels of crisis that did not help them to establish the structures that push for sustainability of democracy………..and they are also determined to ensure that the democracy they are yearning for are being intricate in a way that promotes peace and development’’.

Mr. Kumadoe spoke of the negatives for Sudan, so far as the Coup is concerned.

“Definitely you have Covid destroying every game, economic activities will be retarded, foreign direct investment will be withheld, visitors wouldn’t even want to come and it doesn’t even promote regional co-existence and I think African Union will need to wake up a little bit. They will need to wake up and get to Sudan particularly Sudan and South Sudan itself. To be able to address these issues of conflicts and governance political turmoil that have been in these two countries for a long time,’’ according to Security and Fraud Consultant Richard Kumadoe.


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