The Daily Graphic is optimistic that the peaceful nature of yesterday’s (August 11) Eid celebrations will continue to permeate the entire country. It encourages Muslims to internalise a sense of nationalsim and show love to all mankind which are tenets of Islam.  The Daily Graphic also commends organisers of this year’s Hajj for a success trip. It is the hope of the paper that the six thousand Pilgrims will come back home safely with many blessings for the entire country. The Graphic, while wishing Muslims a happy Eid ask Allah to accept their prayers and sacrifices.

The Ghanaian Times commends all Muslims for successfully going through the ritual of Sacrifice and once again renewing their faith in Allah. The paper urges Moslems that moving forward they should continue to remember everyone in their prayers and ask Allah to lessen the suffering of the poor who are unable to join in the celebration. The Times advises that as the day is celebrated, a hand of friendship be extended to the less privileged in society and welcome them with warmth and hope.

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