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Ghana’s Theatre Arts Industry needs to nurture the youth- Ambassador Prince Kojo Hilton

Ghana's Theatre Arts Industry needs to nurture the youth

Ambassador Prince Kojo Hilton

By Rebecca Sedinam Affor

Ambassador Prince Kojo Hilton, an art director, visual artist, and filmmaker, has stated that the Ghanaian theater and arts industry needs to groom artists to become assertive in the industry.

Speaking on the GTV Breakfast Show, Hilton mentioned that the Arts and Film Industry lacks Artists in various stages of the arts, attributing the situation to the lack of education and mentoring.

Hilton spoke of how he was downplayed at a tender age by his teacher when he said he wanted to be an Artist and also how his mother couldn’t accept him becoming an Artist.

he is therefore motivated to bring the arts closer to the youth by offering himself to train and empower young people especially in SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS who are interested in arts and in Tertiary Schools to become better versions of themselves.

“Artist is the most difficult subject because there is a formula to solve mathematics and science questions, but what formula, if you are asked to paint your hometown”, he questioned in clearing the air that art is mediocare.

Ambassador Kojo Hilton said Artists make the world tick. Artists make the world because they design almost everything.

”If you are an Artist you are a god, because God is seen as an Artist because he created everything”, he posited.

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