Artists have to be responsible to get their royalties – Rex Omar

Artists have to be responsible to get their royalties - Rex Omar
Rex Omar

By: Konadu Benedicta

Highlife Musician and President of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), Rex Omar has advised Artists and Managers to be responsible in other to get their royalties.

According to him, GHAMRO does not have the necessary information of creators of the various music, hence making it difficult for them to give out royalties.

“A lot of Musicians and the Right Owners who are complaining they have to also be responsible because GHAMRO is there to work for you. If you don’t give this information to GHAMRO who actually owns the money”, he added.


“So, you see, when people are complaining and GHAMRO is not paying this and GHAMRO is not paying that, the responsibility is not only on GHAMRO. It is also on you the Creator, the owner of the work”, he noted.

He however stated that GHAMRO is not for popular artists but rather Creators of music.

“GHAMRO is not there to work for ‘front Artists’ CHAMRO is there to work for owners of the work “, he added.

Rex Omar advised the various Creators to go on the websites to fill a form to enable them to get their royalties.

“This should be an education to all up and coming and already established Artists that as much as you want GHAMRO to serve you, help GHAMRO to serve you better…….They have to come and regularize and give us the information so that there is money that can be given to them”, he added.

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