As part of activities to mark the ‘Year of Return’, there will be the Natural Hair Expo scheduled to take place from August 3rd to August 5th 2019 at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel.

The maiden edition of the Expo will feature panel discussions, educational workshops, hair braiding techniques, a hair show, live entertainment, and local and international vendors.

A statement issued by the organisers said invitation has been extended to all those of African ancestry and other interested patrons to come and discuss, learn and participate in the exposé on afro hair.

It said the goal of the Expo would allow women, men and children of African ancestry to embrace the uniqueness of their natural hair and skin.

Ghana has declared 2019 as the ‘Year of Return’ which is in commemoration of the 400 years, since the first African slaves reached North America.

It said government designed the ‘Year of Return’ for Africans in the diaspora to visit or re-settle in their homeland as a continuation of a wider policy.

The statement said the idea is to rebuild relationships, heal divides and nurture learning, skills exchange and general fellowship between Africans from various backgrounds.

“And in all, acknowledging that while there are differences between those of African descent, there are also many similarities to explore, one of which is hair; the natural afro hair,” it said.

The statement said the hair was not the easiest feature of African beauty to manage but it has sparked innovative creativity over the years.

It said it has been cut in diverse forms, coloured, glittered, sprayed, pressed or hot combed, plaited with thread or twine or in threes or twos or twisted.

The statement said for those, who persevere to keep their natural hair, support has been growing with natural hair blogs and an array of diverse products produced both on the continent and in the abodes of the diaspora.

“It is to further this relationship with afro hair and foster further dialogue and knowledge exchange between those of African descent,” it said.

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