Cosmetic surgeries and risks

Cosmetic surgeries and risks

By: Regina Agana Akantiba

Beauty standards in women have gone beyond having a pretty face and body

Having a big butt, wider hips, with tinny waist, shaped like an hourglass and flat tummy has become the order of the day for most ladies.

Most ladies can go to any length to achieve or get that, thus undergoing cosmetic surgery. Once upon a time, undergoing cosmetic surgery was considered taboo or even admitting to having worked on the body. This is due to fear of being mocked at, stigmatized and trolled or dragged.

The narrative is changing, as many female celebrities have admitted to having gone under the knife for banging bodies, yet others have confessed their intention to do same.

The big questions are? What are the health implications associated with having cosmetic surgery?

The desire for a perfect body is a growing trend in recent times especially among female celebrities in the creative art or entertainment industry. The desperation for large buttocks, chunky, hourglass-shaped curves, slim waist, flat tummy, rejuvenated or attractive and beautiful body, are all unrealistic beauty standards that can only be achieved by performing cosmetic surgery.

As humans, we come in all shapes and sizes, and that should be celebrated, not demonized.

But in this our world today, that does not really matter because individuals especially ladies have become self-conscious about their body shapes.

Here in Ghana, some female celebrities have admitted to have done liposuction, Butt lifting and butt or breast implants to get their banging bodies.

According to Annual Plastic Surgery Statistics report, there are more than 17.7 million estimated surgical and minimal invasive cosmetic procedures performed every year.

The survey also revealed that Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift, BBL are the most surgical procedure done. Liposuction or LIPO is a surgery uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck. BBL is also a produce done to give one a big, round booty and change the contour, size, or shape of the buttocks.

The cost of the cometic surgery ranges from $5,000 to $30,000 depending on the type of surgery.

People are always excited to go under the knife what isn’t so often shared is that it can lead to a serious life-threatening complication.

One of such people who has admitted to have undergone the knife is showbiz personality, Nana Ama Mcbrown and she explained she chose to do so without reservation.

”After having my baby, I realized I had a lot fat that made my tummy to sag. So, I spoke with my doctor and he said something can be done about it. I did it in one of the major hospitals here in Accra”, she explained.

Post-Surgery Pain effects are, however, rarely discussed.

This is just a tip of the ice burg of what people go through after such surgeries.


There have been several reports of people dying under their cosmetic surgeon knives. Though others have survived, pain is typically transient after the operation.

A 35-year-old woman whom we would name Beauty shared an ordeal of how she recovered after a BBL surgery.

”I went for BBL and 2 weeks later I started feeling feverish. The pain alone was not easy and I had to go back to my doctor. I stayed in the hospital for months and things were not easy for me. Thanks be to God I’m now okay”, she asserted.

In an interview with Dr. Levy Ankrah, a Plastic Surgeon at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and his colleague surgeons also shared their views.

”If the surgery doesn’t go well, one develops pneumonia or excessive bleeding. It can also affect the health of the person and there can be side effects like numbness, swelling, pain, or there can also be limited mobility”.

Whiles some ladies are of the view of enhancing their body parts to boost their self-confidence others think otherwise.

It is rumored that the ladies go through these troubles to look more ambassadorial and endorsement deals as well to please their male counterparts.

But how true can this be?

There is nothing wrong in aspiring to look more attractive, but, guess what? consider the health implications.

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