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“Your table etiquette starts right from the invitation”- An image consultant


By Nana Ama Gyapong

Emma Addo Owusu, the CEO of Kobadem Image Consultant has stated that when one’s table etiquette starts from the invitation, by the person, stating that when someone invites you, it is only courteous to either attend, or respond will or cannot asap. She made this known on the GTV’s breakfast show May 2, 2022.

Table etiquette in the realm of dining, refers to proper manners and behavior in a formal dining situation. Table manners play an important part in making a favorable impression. These are visible signals of your manners, and therefore, are essential to professional success. Miss Emma explained that during a buffet and at the table, ladies need to keep their bags beside them on the floor or on their lap instead of on the table.  She added that there are buffet menu rules that people need to follow and observe stating that often times there are rules of order organizers of buffet need to follow as well as the guests. She said “when the Coordinator says lunch is served, you need to listen and have a place card on your table to be able to know when it is your turn”.

Miss Emma later bemoaned that people who go to functions and take some food away is a “horrible” act which should not be condoned. She continued by saying “it is embarrassing and debasing and destroys your brand”. She lauded GBC for investing time and effort in educating the public.

Below is the full interview;

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