Bawaleshie Traffic Light demolition blues


By Nathaniel Nartey.

Some business owners affected by the demolition around the Bawaleshie Traffic Light in the Ayawaso West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region have accused the Assembly of unfair treatment in the exercise carried out.

According to the affected persons, there was no prior notice of the demolition and wondered why the Assembly destroyed their businesses, despite collecting levies from them. The Business owners alleged that the land had been sold to a car dealer, that is why the Assembly is forcibly ejecting them.

Nathaniel Nartey who visited the area, reports that more than 300 structures mostly wooden kiosks and containers which served as home to some and a place of business to many others were demolished by the Ayawaso West Municipal Assembly.

From a distance, one can easily see the area, which previously was inundated with make-shift structures, a few meters from the Bawaleshie Traffic Light towards Okponglo.

According to reports gathered by GBC News, the Ayawaso West Municipal Assembly embarked on the exercise to rid the area off squatters, most of whom were believed to be sex workers. The high tension poles in the area also made it not quite conducive for residents and Business Owners.

Meanwhile, the Business owners say the Assembly failed to give them prior notice of the demolition.

The Business Owners claim, to have have receipts to show they fulfilled all their business obligation to the Assembly.

”They come on Saturday…. come break everywhere, they burn everywhere so we are stranded. No place where we fit sit, we fit sleep, we fit bath. They did not give us any reason for the demolition. There’s no bad people living around here even though that’s what they are saying. There are old people around here, married couples and children, if there were bad people they would not have been here”, according to the affected persons.

They also alleged that the land had been sold to a Vehicle Dealer.

Meanwhile GBC News gathered that the demolition formed part of the government’s agenda to make Accra the Cleanest city in Africa.

Latest on Bawaleshie demolition

Residents in East Legon around the Bawaleshie Traffic light who were affected by the demolition of their structures, have distanced themselves from claims that they were involved in criminal acts.

The affected residents most of whom are were said to be sex workers, say, they have lived in Bawaleshie for many years without bothering anyone and wondered why the Ayawaso West Municipal Assembly would destroy their home over claims that they are criminals.

Meanwhile, other residents who live within the vicinity, say they are in support of the demolition.

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