ECOWAS Leaders tasked to formulate economic policies to accommodate migrants

By Beatrice Oppon

A former Deputy Comptroller-General of the Ghana Immigration Service, Mrs. Judith Dzokoto-Lomoh, says although migration has its own challenges, countries can manage it properly to harness its economic benefits.

She said migration is often associated with insecurity, crime and other social vices but it positively impacts labour by providing the needed skill. Mrs. Dzokoto-Lomoh was speaking at a conference on the effects of Migration on National Economic Policy in Accra. It was jointly organized by the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, GIMPA and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

Beatrice Oppon reports that there has been a spike in migration with the implementation of the economic reform policies, political instability and economic breakdown across the Sub-region. Ghana has become the oasis of the sub-region, attracting migrants who are looking for opportunities. The influx of these migrants is often seen as a threat to the economy. It is in this regard that the Conference was organized to bring together stakeholders from key sectors and representatives from migrant communities to share perspectives on how the country can make gains with the spike in migrants to facilitate national development. Mrs. Dzokoto Lomoh said with well-designed policies, immigrants can positively impact the country.

The Resident Representative of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Dr. Arne Wulff said migration should not be seen as a negative phenomenon as migrants can contribute to the economic development of a country if their expertise is properly utilized. He said if Migrants respect the laws of their host they will not be seen as a threat. He noted that a law on migration can help Ghana to better regulate the phenomenon.

A representative from the Nigerians Association in Ghana, Uche Okorie urged ECOWAS countries to formulate economic policies that will accommodate migrants and also enable them to contribute positively to the sub-region.


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