Energy Commission warns against use of second-hand appliances

energy commission
Samuel Frimpong

By Seraphine Nyuiemedi

The Ghana Energy Commission has warned electricity consumers against the use of second-hand household appliances. Second-hand appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners turn to consume more energy than expected.

The Public Relations Officer under the Public Affairs Unit of the Ghana Energy Commission, Samuel Frimpong, who made the point, said brand new appliances help to save energy and money.

He urged the public to look out for the Commission’s yellow label when purchasing brand new electrical appliances.

Mr. Frimpong said this in an interview with GBC News when the Energy Commission organised a sensitization for stakeholders in Ho the Volta Regional Capital.

“We use a lot of money to generate the energy that we use at home so if you save energy, you are saving the environment, you are saving the economy and you are saving money for yourself as well and then we also recommend that when you are going in for any household appliance, don’t go for the home use or the home second-hand, buy the brand new ones that have our yellow label because they are certified by the Energy Commission. That has stars in it and we say the more stars the less energy it consumes.”

“So, when you go out there to purchase any appliance look out for the yellow label and look out for the black stars. We are saying no label no good. When the appliance doesn’t have our label, it means it has not been certified by Energy Commission, so don’t buy it,” according to Mr. Frimpong.

The program was to sensitise stakeholders on the implementation and enforcement of electrical wiring regulations, energy conservation and efficiency, among others.

Mr Frimpong said though there is a law banning the importation of some second-hand home appliances, it does not give the Energy Commission the legal mandate to go after the importers. He said, ”the energy efficiency standards and labelling regulation 2022 when passed by Parliament will give the Commission a legal backing to go after defaulters that are engaged in the importation of second-hand appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioners among others.”

“There is a law banning the importation of home second-hand electrical appliances, but for now Energy Commission is regulating the appliance market with only three appliances that are bulbs or lighting, refrigerators and air-conditioners.”

“So there’s a law or a regulation that is L.I 1932 banning the importation of those items but now there’s going to be another regulations energy efficiency standards and labelling regulations 2022 it is still at the Parliament when they pass it for us it means whoever flout that regulations, you can go to jail, you can be fined or you can be slapped with both.”

“The new regulation is going to also give us the mandate to go out there and chase those who are selling those items and then pick them and destroy them at their own cost.”

He emphasised that the Energy Commission is poised to change the appliance market inefficiency to efficiency and advised dealers of second-hand appliances to change their business in that regard.

“We are not here to spoil anybody’s business, what we are saying is that we are changing the appliance market from old inefficiency to new or efficiency ones so they should change their selling or market style to sell new appliances and that is the way to go.”

“If you are caught selling the old ones you will go to jail or you will be fined.”

Head of Public Affairs at the Energy Commission, Linda Mensah urged the public to hire the services of a certified electrical wiring professional to wire their facilities so as to protect lives and property.

“If you have a facility, you have put up a shop, a home, a school you need to get the right people to wire your facility.”

Linda Mensah.

“First of all, if you do not, ECG will not bring power into your homes, you will not get the meter that you need so make sure you get a certified electrical wiring professional, a trained electrician, somebody who will not put the lives of your loved ones and yourself at risk.”

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